«El tamaño no importa» la nueva iniciativa Body Positive

El body positive se ha tomado las redes sociales. Si hace algunos años la tendencia era editar las fotografías al máximo para borrar o modificar todo aquello que según algunos son imperfecciones, ahora lo es estar orgulloso de ellas.

#summerforeverybody ??? My body requires constant intentionality with my thoughts. I used to blame my body for everything: unsuccessful relationships, mishaps at work, bad mood, etc. Swimsuits had reasons to stay in drawers as I was convinced that my body was different and not meant to be displayed in public. I felt guilty not being able to change it fit the societal norms. Only 9 years ago when I started working on my thoughts instead of my physical body, life began to change. Today swimsuit and summer are synonymous. But at the same time, I can never take a break from working on myself. It is so easy to regress to the fallacy of “if only did I lose weight and become prettier and things would be easier”… Photo @monika_pozerskyte_kalvele swimsuit @asos_loves_curve #dydisnesvarbu #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #beachbody #fatkini #plussizefashion #plussizeswimwear #plussizeblogger #curvy #curvywomen #curvygirl #summer

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Hace algunas semanas muchas mujeres comenzaron a compartir fotografías del «rollito» que se hace en tus piernas cuando te sientas, bautizado «cejas de muslo» por la reina del body positive, la modelo Ashley Graham, o fotografías de muslos de sirena, que es la forma a lo que se parece tener los muslos muy juntos.

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Ahora, una fotógrafa comenzó la iniciativa Dydis nesvarbu, que en lituano significa el tamaño no importa, y no, no es una iniciativa masculina, sino sobre el tamaño de los cuerpos femeninos: pequeños, grandes, delgados o más rellenos.

Irmina about her #summerbody ?: “Summer – confidence and a breath of fresh air. Summer is when I dream. I was isolated as a child. I hated my body and was ashamed of it to such a degree that I wished I could become invisible every time I stepped on a beach. However, over time I have come to accept that my body, pardon the cliché, is my temple. Even though it’s weak and susceptible to physical torture, it’s real, and it’s mine. It took me a long time to convince myself that I too could wear stylish clothing, I too can wear a bathing suit, and I too can be beautiful. We should all celebrate our own imperfect individuality because unique people are the ones who make the world a more interesting place!” #summerforeverybody Photo @monika_pozerskyte_kalvele Bikini @hm #vasaramumsvisoms #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #summer #diversity #bodylove #strongwomen #womenpower #acceptance #bodylove #beachbody #beach

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Giedre Valaciciute tomó fotos a 10 mujeres en bikini o traje de baño con la idea de terminar con esa incomodidad que sienten algunas mujeres a la hora de ponerse un traje de baño.

#summerforeverybody ?Maja? When I was younger, I had a different kind of relationship with summer. I was insecure about my small breasts and would wear a special bra underneath my swimsuit not to let anyone know that I was flat chested. Since I started being intentional with my thoughts, I realized that my body is an opportunity to live on this earth. It is the only one that I will ever have, and that will not change. If I want, I refine it, for example, start exercising or eat healthier. No matter what kind of body – long, lean, full-breasted or with a Brazilian bum, we are all the same in the end. Life is too short to hate, that is why I have chosen to love my body, enjoy it in this moment and stay truthful to myself. Photo @monika_pozerskyte_kalvele #dydisnesvarbu #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #mother #bodyacceptance #love #mothernature #blogger #selflove #summer #beachbody

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Las 10 mujeres contaron su experiencia y sus sentimientos a la hora de ponerse un traje de baño, además celebran su individualidad imperfecta que es lo que finalmente, las hace perfectas.

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«El tamaño no importa» la nueva iniciativa Body Positive